Customs Officials succeeded with resuming the import and export at Torkham border


LANDIKOTAL: Clearing agents association on Thursday resume the process of importing and exporting commodities at Torkham border after successful talks with assuring their demands as well.

Torkham clearing association workers were observed strike sine last week from their officials duties against recently imposed rules and regulations by customs officials. the rules was very hard for clearing the documents of imports and exports at border which is time consuming process for truck agents to clear the documents.

Wahid Shinwari, torkham border clearing agent told Apni Awaz that recently imposed rules and regulations are bound for further completing nine documents to get it clear the process at border for importing and exporting.

further he mention that it is not possible for custom clearing agents to provide such documents at the time of import and export at border. even due to lengthy process of documentation the loaded trucks products become useless.

Shinwari iterated that authorization letter, proof of payments, agreement, grading, marking certificate, membership with product association, certificate of origin, NTN certificate, signatory certificate, and import policy order(IPO) were needed during the process which is not possible for person to do it at time.

After successful talks clearing agents association ends strike, Frontier Corps(FC) official col Luqman, Deputy collector Najeeb Anjum, Torkham clearing agents president Hayatullah Shinwari and political tehsildar Torkham Shamsul Islam was in meeting at Torkham border to resolve the issue. Wahid Shinwari said all parties agreed upon Import and export rules which will be continued without the required documents. While, hundreds of trucks loaded with different commodities were moved toward their destinations after several days.

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