Grand tribal jirga organized by tribal-province-movement in Peshawar, Nashtar Hall


Peshawar: Tribal-Province-Movement organised grand jirga in Nashtar hall, Peshawar which led to the participation of leaders from all tribal agencies, politicians and people belonging to different fields. Addressing the participants, Brigadier retired Syed Nazir Mohmand said that FATA reforms movement did not consult the majority of tribal peoples. Further he mentioned that the reforms committee has no privileges from tribals to integrate FATA with KP.
Jirga members adopted the stand that our future, our identity, will not allow our sacrifices to end. Jirga demanded that the tribes should be given their own province, their name and authority. Tribal-Province-Movement members said that FATA Secretariat, FDA, Governor House, Political Administration and other organizations are the princes of non-locals and these non-locals ruling on FATA residents. and we the peoples of FATA has no right in it? Further they demanded that government allows us on our owns resources to manage by own. Medical colleges, engineering colleges and universities should be made in all agencies, Intervention in the tribal jirga system, collective responsibility will be terminated and given human rights. We do not need any integrate but we want our province, our chief minister, and our governor.

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