Neither Money Nor Safety Keeps Girls from Dropping Out of Schools in FATA


Dera Ismail Khan: With almost doubled the previous government expenditure on education during the era of peak insurgency, girls were dropping out of schools in FATA. Though conflict is commonly blames for girls leaving school, girls’ schools are actually not the primary target for militants.

The analysis of FATA Education data for eight years during militancy period reveals that only three girls’ schools and 7 boys school were destroyed, but 5 girls 2 boys quit the school out of ten.

This might probably be the reason why only 3 out of 100 girls in FATA are able to manage up to tenth grade and 1 woman and 9 men out of 25 in FATA are literate.

FATA is also short of infrastructure and staff. For 99 girls and 133 boys there is one school and one teacher teaches every 28 girls and 25 boys in FATA.

Achieving literacy is not an unrealistic goal. There are many countries that have already very close to educated almost their entire population. However, the comparative analysis of literacy rate in Pakistan with other mentioned countries indicates that Pakistan still remain far away from realizing the economic importance of educated human resource in the social and economic development of the country. Out of 5 People, 2 in Punjab, 2 in Sindh, 2 in KP and 1 in Baluchistan are literate

Therefore instead of attributing low literacy in FATA to militancy or lack of funding, special attention is required to identify what is holding back female education. Abdul Salam Afridi, Director Teach for FATA says, “The suffering due to conservative tribal cultures and norms but efforts can be made to change the thinking. People can be convinced to educate their daughters and sisters by ensuring that within the educational institutions, local norms and cultures will be observed.”


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