Pakistan Muslim League


pml-n-logoPakistan Muslim League (N) (PML Nawaz group, or PML-N) became Pakistan’s ruling party after a decisive victory in the Pakistani general elections of 2013. It holds 26 out of 104 seats in the Senate and 190 seats in the National Assembly. Prime minister Nawaz Sharif has been its leader since 1980s. Sharif who is basically a businessman from Lahore emerged into the mainstream Pakistani politics with support of the military dictatorship of Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq and later in 1990, became prime minister of Pakistan with the assistance of powerful military establishment specially DG ISI General Hameed Gul. He and his party (PMLN) ruled the country for two different tenures in 1990s. His second government was overthrown by army chief Pervez Musharaf in a military coup. Nawaz succeeded in saving his life and money with the diplomatic support of Saudi Arabia and left Pakistan for eight years. He came back in 2007. PMLN is a fiscally conservative party which holds moderate religious and social policies. It promotes strong and friendly relations with India, the US and the EU.

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