Terror on decrease in FATA while Civilian remains the Prime Target: FRC


LANDIKOTAL: Fata Research Centre (FRC) made it public on Tuesday that violent incidents both terrorism and counter terrorism have witnessed a significant decline of 44 percent during the period from July to September in the passing year.

The Lead researcher and Security Analyst Irfan Uddin explaining the data here on Thursday said that FRC has collected this data from different sources for its third quarter security report and has observed the declining trend in terror incidents in the region as just total of 56 terrorism or counter terrorism incidents are reported as compare to the previous quarter this year (April-June) where more than 100 violent incidents took place.

The terrorism incidents have resulted in 141 casualties in total this year, out of which 66 persons were killed, while 75 were injured during the period from July to September. Whereas, more than 137 people were killed, while 172 were among the injured in the previous quarter of April-June, Irfan Uddin added.

Bajaur Agency among FATA received highest number of casualties where five citizens got killed while 32 were amongst the injured. Most of the terrorist attacks were carried out mostly in the areas closed to Afghan Border by planting of IEDs to target both security personnel and Pakistani citizens. Irfan Uddin further added

According to the official, the Improvised Explosive Devices, planted both by security forces and Miscreants are still the major threat to civilians in Fata, especially in the Mahsud belt of South Waziristan.

“Soft Targets remained the main target of terrorist organization in Fata as 60 Civilians while 18 security personnel have been reported among the casualties in the past few months. 35 militants were also killed during the period.” He remarked.

“23 counter terrorism operations and 18 Search and Clearance operations, including two Arial Strikes by Pakistani Jetfighters in the Rajgal Border area of Khyber Agency, have so far been conducted against the militants as a part of ongoing military operation ‘Rad-ul-Fasad’ simultaneously in the seven tribal agencies during the period,” The Lead Researcher and Security Analyst for FRC concluded while talking about the Pakistan Army’s counter terrorist measures in FATA.

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